Welcome to R.C. Thornton- Intelligent Personal Development

R.C. Thornton-Intelligent Personal Development is different because of its focus on dynamic high-quality, analytic personal development material. While many blogs just write empty words or “tips”, our savvy and engaged community of readers thoroughly discusses and analyzes complex personal development issues.

What this means to you: advice that actually helps you be successful.

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How It’s Organized.  What are you looking for?


A set of topics that are organized around the most important success skills and traits.

The Main Idea

How I define success, and the philosophy that this blog’s contents are made after.

Success Traits

How do successful people think?  How do they solve problems?  How do they act?  Focuses mostly on a conceptual overview.

Success Skills

What specific skills do successful people have that most people don’t?  For example, money management, public speaking, etc.

Career and Entrepreneurship

How are successful people able to use their careers to make lots of money and spend time the way they want?