Happiness is more than just money...maybe.

As you saw on the home page, I argue that the key to success is all about mindset, and challenging the way you think about things.

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Well…it’s not as simple as saying that.  But I am trying to make this point, and make it strongly.  If there is nothing else you remember from reading what I write here, just remember this: you are likely the thing holding you back the most from being successful and accomplishing your goals.  It’s not someone else’s fault, it’s not something that was “done to you”; it’s you.  So if it’s true that the number one thing holding you back is you, what does that mean you should do?  It means you should focus on yourself and changing yourself to achieve stronger and better results.

My Approach

My approach is premised around the belief that your mindset will inspire your actions.

If you think about things a certain way, your actions will naturally follow.  So I avoid writing articles that attempt to address your issues by giving you a list of “To-Do” tasks to solve it. Since your situation is unique, how can a random list I give you be of much use?

The articles below are the backbone of my blog.  They are the main concepts that, if understood and applied, will craft and mold your actions in a way that will increase your propensity for success in your endeavors.


The mindset of a successful person entails:


Successful people do.  Anything else is just philosophy.  Successful people:

But it is not enough to only address these issues broadly.  So the other articles here cover more specific issues, such as finance, business, education, entrepreneurship, skills, and making and taking opportunities; issues that all goal and development oriented people will need to address if they are sincere about success and accomplishment.