I’m writing this blog to help smart, ambitious, and entrepreneurial-minded people make positive change and live interesting and valuable lives.  I also focus on these issues as they relate to young professionals and college students.  By changing the way you think about things, you can live more meaningfully and accomplish more than you thought was possible.

Ultimately, by changing your mindset and habits (such as removing disabling thoughts and taking tangible steps towards accomplishing our goals on a daily basis), we can become our biggest ally and best asset on the road to living an interesting, fulfilling, and successful life.

I’m not pretending I’m the first guy on the net to write about this topic.  So what’s my value-added?  The big difference with what you will find here:

Others try to help you improve by making you memorize lists.  I help you improve by teaching you concepts that be used in any scenario.  Lists are an intellectual cop-out because they substitute true understanding with rote memorization.  Understanding concepts allows you to use the skills learned here in many scenarios, not just ones that I write about.

The main portion of my blog is The Main Idea- What it takes to accomplish your goals and achieve happiness in life.  Here I talk about the general framework you need to be successful and accomplish your goals.

I’m not here to persuade you to do these things and seek interesting and exciting goals if you don’t already see the need to do so.  I have found that many people are just plain more comfortable living as they always have, and are unwilling to change.  But if you have the feeling or the urge to go out and do something great, this blog is for you.

I fuse my conceptual articles with practical articles on topics such as personal finance, entrepreneurship, time management, finding and managing opportunities, and more.